Feeling the Love by Jonathan Oppenheimer

Still riding the high today from the ceremony last night. Knight Foundation recognizes that to properly catapult us forward on these wildly innovative journeys each winner is on that we should feed off each other's energy for a couple of days. So this morning we went through the necessary information about grant contracts and matching funds, but we also got the chance to take a deep breath and soak in others' ideas. Hearing each winner present themselves and their projects and chatting up the people around me, the visions of collaborations and attending others' performances, listening to new music and radio shows, finding art in every nook and cranny around town, welcoming world-class artists to St. Paul-based residencies...the excitement was off the charts. Time to buckle down, but I can't wait to see these projects grow and transform this fine city.

Big Day for the Midway by Jonathan Oppenheimer

What an honor to be named a winner of the first ever Knight Arts Challenge St. Paul! Thank you to the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation for making this tremendous commitment to the city of St. Paul and for believing in me and this project. Months of planning and legwork mean the Midway Murals project is already well underway, but the work will continue for the next year and beyond. This project aims to engage the community -- namely the immigrant business owners who mean so much to Snelling Avenue and the neighborhood, but also all of our residents -- while beautifying the area through a public art explosion next summer. And we don't plan to stop with these murals or this commitment to dialogue and engagement: The project will continue to evolve, as we move the neighborhood forward and transform these public spaces. Those who live here know how special this place already is, and these murals will serve to showcase our style, flavor, and spirit.

Spread the word. Help me to maximize the matching $25,000 in funds on the table by making a donation. Let me know what you think of the project. And come along for the ride. It's going to be special.