Afeworki Bein

Afeworki Bein opened Snelling Cafe, 638 Snelling Avenue North, in 2003 and now cooks up delicious food from his native Eritrea, along with American fare. He immigrated to Minnesota in 1986.


Freweini Sium

Freweini Sium purchased the building at 512-520 Snelling Avenue North in 1998 and opened Sunshine Beauty Salon in 2006. She moved to Minnesota from Ethiopia in 1984.

Hassan Hussein

Hassan Hussein has owned and operated Ganale Barbershop, 555A Snelling Avenue North, since 2010. He came to the United States from Ethiopia in 2000.

African Plaza

African Plaza, at 555 Snelling Avenue, opened at the beginning of 2015 and is serving delicious African, American, and Mediterranean foods at its deli, butcher shop, and in its grocery section.