Midway murals in the news

  • Marianne Combs of Minnesota Public Radio came out to a community paint day and spoke with several people involved with the project.
  • We sat down with Levi Weinhagen to discuss the project for the Knight Arts Blog.
  • Midway Murals teamed up with Ingress players from the Twin Cities to create a virtual mural that highlights the Knight Foundation and the state of Minnesota. Julio Ojeda-Zapata of the Pioneer Press explains the collaboration.
  • Kyle Mianulli of the Hamline Midway Coalition wrote about the project for our local newspaper, the Monitor.
  • Jackie Bussjaeger joined us at our Launch Party, met with each of the muralists, and wrote for Hamline University's student newspaper, The Oracle, about the ways this project will contribute to the Hamline Midway neighborhood.
  • Anna Hoeschen from Red Current sat down at Snelling Cafe for a conversation about the project and we discussed the complexities of supporting immigrant business owners through Midway Murals.
  • Margie O'Loughlin further highlighted the work that our awesome team has done over the past year and set the stage for our big mural unveiling celebration on August 29. 
  • Steve Boland of Next in Nonprofits, a great guy and valuable community resource, debuted his podcast by discussion crowdfunding with us.