2018 Midway Public art Projects

Midway Public Art Mini-Grant Opportunities

What: The Midway Public Art Working Group (MPAWG) is allocating $1,000 for mini-grants of up to $250 to fund community-led public art projects in the Hamline-Midway neighborhood. Projects can be permanent, temporary, or ephemeral. MPAWG is interested in supporting work that engages thematically with the Hamline-Midway neighborhood, its residents, and its past, present, or future. MPAWG may be able to provide logistical support, such as information about completing a Paint the Pavement project or locating an artist to do a garage door mural, depending on the request. Consider public art to be art in its broadest sense, encompassing any medium, that is available for consumption in public spaces.

When: All projects must be completed by the end of 2018.

Who: Anybody is eligible to apply.

Deadline: June 25, 2018.

Application Process: Please provide a detailed description of the project, along with plans to execute the project, and how the money will be spent, and email it to jonathan@midwaymurals.com. Applications can be sent in written, audio, or video formats, and in any language.

Celtic Junction Arts Center Mural

The music, dance, education, and community that comes together regularly under the roof of Celtic Junction Arts Center in the form of concerts, classes, events and community will become a breathtaking mural on our south wall. Artists Marty Ochs and Carrie Finnegan will be designing and producing a large-scale, 70'x20' mural of the thriving Celtic Arts Scene in the Twin Cities. You can support their fundraising efforts by making a donation to help them reach their $4,000 goal. 

2017 Murals

The Midway Public Art Working Group, Midway Murals, and Hamline University helped lead 2 new projects in 2017. The first is a gorgeous mural restoration project of Picnic at Newell Park, a 30 year-old mural by local artist Chris Baird at the corner of Snelling and Englewood Avenues (see video below). The second is an exciting new mural, just across the street at 742 Snelling Avenue, by talented local emerging artist Ilana Budenosky called Stop Requested.