Lori Greene

A nationally acclaimed artist and independent business woman with a nearly 20-year history as a mosaic artist, Lori Greene is known for her creativity and ability to engage people to work collectively on community art projects. Recognized both for her artistic work and community and cross-cultural efforts, she is the recipient of two Bush Artist Fellowships, a MN State Arts Board Cultural Community Partnership award, and a COMPAS Community Art Program grant. She is also a co-founder of the MN Mosaic Guild.  

As a woman of color, Lori sees few images in art that reflect her, so she often works to create images of people of color and their memories, strengths, and power. As an art student she was drawn to textiles because of their pattern, their color and their texture. But textile is more to her: It embodies history, culture, and the stories of the people who make and use them. Each pattern and each color has a meaning from the past, from a particular culture; they convey an emotion, a link to something beyond the here and now, the world she knows.

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Greta Mclain

Greta McLain has 10 years of mural making experience. She earned her BA from the University of California Davis, her MFA from Minneapolis College of Art and Design and has traveled around South America and Europe studying new and traditional mural techniques. She has created painted and mosaic murals throughout the Twin Cities and made work in Argentina, Mexico, France, Memphis and Philadelphia. McLain was awarded 'El Fuerte de Barragan' for Artistic and Community Excellence for the mural Construyendo el Futuro with artist Melina Slobodian in December 2009, Ensenada, Argentina. She was a featured artist on the public television series Minnesota Originals and had one of her murals, the Central Identity Project, voted Best Mural 2014 by the City Pages

eric mattheis

Eric Mattheis, aka Blaster, uses a grass-roots approach rooted in the teachings of urban aesthetic. Bouncing between careful abstraction and spray paint-fueled aggression, he creates darkly funny characters with loud, toxic palettes.  Blaster also performs and records as a dynamic beatboxer in the Twin Cities.

yuya negishi

Yuya Negishi is a Japanese visual artist based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He was born in Showa Village, Gunma, a small farming community in the mountains beyond Tokyo. Yuya draws artistic inspiration from the memories and sensations of growing up in the Japanese countryside, where he would roam “like a hidden Ninja” exploring the woods, temples and mountaintops of the breathtaking Gunma region. Since moving to Minneapolis in 2010, Yuya has been a prolific member of the city's artistic community, creating a wide range of projects, including public art, gallery shows, commissioned work, illustrations, murals, live paintings and stencils. His work combines his extensive background in the classical Japanese techniques of calligraphy and SUMI with Japanese pop culture images such as koi, dragons and Buddhas. Yuya approaches his work in the spirit of play, often exploring new ideas and mediums. He also teaches hands-­on workshops, sharing his approaches to SUMI and Calligraphy